Save Report to file period issue with virtual work periods

I’m a little stumped so maybe someone can help. We’ve been using virtual work periods for months now. I have a daily report running and everything has been fine. On or around 10/1 the Save Report to File action stopped creating a daily report and its been providing the current month. I looked at the actions and I don’t see anything different.

Any ideas? Reports attached.

HSC_Daily_1008_2021.pdf (188.1 KB)
HSC_Daily_0929_2021.pdf (178.5 KB)

Can you share the actions in the rules ? Are you on 5.3.6?

Also can you see if anything changed with work periods?

Yep, running 5.3.6. No notable change to cause the issue other than it began on 10/1. I was running a trigger at 6am prior to the virtual work period cut to produce an end of day report for our managers.


I didn’t bother to include the action/rules that converts xps to pdf. Same thing this morning.


No issue if I view the Work Period report in Reports

I waited until the next month to see if it was providing a monthly report, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Its still not providing the daily work period report. Any ideas?

@josephrussell So I understand it correctly this is only an issue with Save Report to file action right?

This needs to be fixed if it is something that broke. I am not sure I understand what happened if its unique to your database or not yet. It sounds strange how it started to happen.

We have some projects we are working on that deal with reports. I think you may like and it means you wont need to use that action anymore. But if there is a problem we can fix I would like to understand it.

I haven’t had any time to troubleshoot it with my regular job. I plan to manually trigger the rule to see if that changes anything. Yes this is the save reports to file action. It could also be related to virtual work periods, but the work period report present fine if you go to the reports section.