Save Report to file period issue with virtual work periods

I’m a little stumped so maybe someone can help. We’ve been using virtual work periods for months now. I have a daily report running and everything has been fine. On or around 10/1 the Save Report to File action stopped creating a daily report and its been providing the current month. I looked at the actions and I don’t see anything different.

Any ideas? Reports attached.

HSC_Daily_1008_2021.pdf (188.1 KB)
HSC_Daily_0929_2021.pdf (178.5 KB)

Can you share the actions in the rules ? Are you on 5.3.6?

Also can you see if anything changed with work periods?

Yep, running 5.3.6. No notable change to cause the issue other than it began on 10/1. I was running a trigger at 6am prior to the virtual work period cut to produce an end of day report for our managers.


I didn’t bother to include the action/rules that converts xps to pdf. Same thing this morning.


No issue if I view the Work Period report in Reports