Saving delivery customers without a phone number

We have instances that customers not have a personal phone number but it does not allow me to save customers without a phone number. Is there a way to allow this to happen?

Change your primary key for Customers to something other than phone

We did the setup for @Delloda and he is using Caller ID, therefore the phone number needs to remain as the primary field as this is a requirement of the Caller ID module, as well as for compatibility with online ordering if he chooses to use that in the future.

Having phone number as a primary field is not a Caller ID module requirement. You can set the search format setting of the device to something like Phone:{0} and make it work without defining phone number as a required (also not unique of course) field.

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I see, however will this still work for matching existing customer entities so the details show correctly on the popup? I’m using custom detail format as below:


However what happens if 2 or more existing entities match, how would it then show the details on the popup?

But Caller ID aside, even I did think it was needed as primary field, we also need the primary field as phone number for the way we have implemented online ordering integration, which this customer may want in the future.

It reads these details from found entity. Searching for a primary field or not have no difference.

If multiple entities found it just displays the phone number so when you click on the popup you’ll see all matched customers in the customer search list.


btw I don’t want to get misunderstood. Of course using phone numbers as the primary field should be the preferred method as it will simplify usage for the delivery case but we can’t have both running phone numbers as the primary field and being able to leave phone number blank.

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Yeah I know what you mean. I agree the way we have it setup currently is the best way, and for us we need to standardise when we are doing many setups, we need to have everything tested and working smoothly and most importantly working together so any future requirements are also considered, like online ordering integration.

But it’s good to know this as we have had some clients before with scenarios where the same phone number is being used for multiple addresses and not using as the primary field might work better for those scenarios. We don’t usually hear about wanting to store a customer without a phone number though, unfortunately in this circumstance we hadn’t managed to discuss this fully with the client before it was posted here, we would usually recommend if less info is needed to just store customer name as a ticket tag instead of bother storing as a customer entity.

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:+1: Yes I agree. Tagging ticket with the customer name will be a better solution.

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