Scale devices for sambapos, brands and names?

Can any one who made a scale integration tell me wich scale devices are compatible for sambapos? Please.

Go to Settings, Local Settings and devices. It lists scales compatible.

there are only two types of scale cas er and custom scale

Many other scales are compatible by using Custom Scale, but you will have to play around a bit, use a tool like PuTTY to see what the scale is sending via the COM port then extract the part you need in the Custom Scale settings.

For example I have integrated before with Digi 782 scale:

You can see it working here:

Thank you @markjw i was having trouble with a mexican scale’s brand wich only send’s the weight if you send key “P”, i couldnt find a way to send through sambapos since the com port became ocupied by another app

We’ve altered our business to conform to NZ’s current COVID regulations (which will likely change tomorrow) so I need to integrate a set of scales. I went to Settings, Local Settings and devices but the list was blank. I tried Add but the only option is File Monitor Device. What do I need to do from here?

Cheers, Murray

Have you installed the scale module via the samba market?

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Lol, no, I’ll do it now. Cheers.

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