Scale <img> not working in action

@QMckay I’m pulling in some image data from an external source and I need to be able to scale the image. I’ve tried <img -1,200>, <img 0,200>, <img 200,200>. Full disclosure the is inside the Ask Question action.

<height 950><br/><img>C:\Export\ilyas\kkk.png.</img><br/><extrabold><color yellow> Adres <br/> Seçiniz </color><br/></extrabold></height>

<height 950><img>xxx</img>xxxx</height>

Joe unfortunately Quincy passed away just before Emre did.

Another method would be via script and a service that rescales.

Man that’s terrible. Really sorry to hear that. He was super smart and always willing to help.

I’ll try height later. I’m not downloading the image, so it needs to be scaled in-line.

Yes we really miss them both. I really miss them. It’s been tough without them to bounce ideas with. Every day I think about both of them.