Scale weight problem


Hi everbady ;

I have a problem, when the weigthing result like 1.250 gr is and
it seems in ticket as 1.25 gr.

But when the weigthing result 1.251 gr is,
it seems in ticket 1.251 gr

Does somebody has any idea, how can i fix this decimal problem ?

I want the results to look like below :

1.250 gr
1.342 gr
1.870 gr
1.921 gr


You need to change decimal places to allow 3. Set the following for Visual Decimals



@kendash i already try this but problem is not is price, problem=weight


Can you show an example.


of course wait a moment pls …


Is this what you mean?



Show your settings for weight barcode.


@kendash can you please try your sample with 1,250 gr? what will be shown; 1,25 gr or 1,250 gr.






Ok I see what you are saying… you want it to show the 0.


absolutely true, but how …


OK got what you mean :slight_smile: Try this…

<J00>- [='{QUANTITY}'.indexOf(',') > -1 ? FF('{QUANTITY}','0.000') : '{QUANTITY}'] {NAME}|{TOTAL PRICE}


I think he wants it on the ticket screen.


Dear @emre you have HTML code ?
Because i’m not use esc/pos printer.


Ok maybe not. Sorry I wish you had told me you wanted it in printout.


You don’t need HTML. Just replace {QUANTITY} with this.

[='{QUANTITY}'.indexOf(',') > -1 ? FF('{QUANTITY}','0.000') : '{QUANTITY}']


@kendash, i want to see on ticket, ticket screen is not important.


I get that now sorry you didnt specify so I assumed screen. I will assume printout next time.


@kendash same thing discussed on TR forum too so I already knew they want it on printout.


@Serhatoglu did you tested it? Works as expected?