School Meal System

We’re looking at using the Samba system here at our school. However I’m struggling to work out how to configure a few things.

Have been able to create pupils (“customers”). All pupils will have a RFID card which will enter into the search. However we have two sets of cohorts. One is paying pupils and one who receive two free meals per day. Is there any way to flag up the pupil is either paying or free, and if the latter to show how many meals they have left or how many they have used.

Any ideas or help is appreciated!

First thoughts would be an entity data field for type (paid/free) and another for meal count.
Then update the count field as used.
This would also easily be used to display the type after swiping.
Depending on how you manage the free students you could look at something like my DBB (half board) hotel setup where it counts orders based on their course state and changes their prince list to the ‘package’ price list where most things are 0 price but some have supplement which is just put as the package price…
But that would depend on how you plan to account for these. Our package items are paid with an allocation from room tariff on the booking system so 0 price works but it would depend on how you want to report etc.

Main issue I can see would be ‘resetting’ the count for all the free pupils each day.
I can picture how to achieve this in V5 using scripting but not sure about v4 (possibly in some form of loop)
Either of these reset functions would be say on work period end so and end of each day the counts are reset,

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