Screen Capture for making Videos of your Computer Screen


So I have always used this but I thought I would share it. Anyone that’s ever been interested in capturing your computer screen for making a video might be interested. A great free program for doing this is Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 and Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture.

Great free program for easy screen capture and edit for YouTube uploads or whatever you may want to do with the videos.

I use this for my various video demonstrations in some of my Tutorials.

PS: No I am not trying to promote it I just thought it was useful for me and figured I would share the knowledge of it.


Funnily enough I was going to ask what you used on that last tutorial.
As a reseller I find myself repeating the same basic stuff when training people to ensure they understand first time round to reduce the follow up questions on the basic stuff.
I was thinking about (when getting time) maybe putting together a few Samba Basics tutorials for real beginner stuff like adding products and then building basic menu.
Not sure if there is any already out there but it would be both useful to provide video to my customers but also might aswell post on the forum :smile:


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Haven’t tried Expression encoder before (will definitely have a look) but thought I’d mention Jing is free and very useful if you don’t care about editing the videos. It can record up to 5 mins video and also image capture with basic tools for captured images like adding text, boxes and arrows (which are a bit limited though). It’s made by same company that makes Camtasia Studio which is a popular (and relatively expensive) capture tool so video capture quality is very good.

I use it a lot to quickly share things with people and most posts I can just capture and copy, then paste to the forum. They give you some free space (not sure how much but I never ran out so far) on cloud sharing platform, which is nice for quick image/video share - it uploads and it copies link to clipboard which you can just paste it into an email, etc.

But video capture on the free version can only be shared using and it sticks a small ad about Jing on the end. But for sharing with colleagues, clients, etc., this is fine.


You don’t have to edit it with Expression encoder You can simply encode and go. But it does support edit.


Yeah, I was just meaning with Jing, you can’t edit it - you can only pause while recording but if you make a mistake you have to go back to start. For me I prefer being able to at least edit a bit if I want to, but depends on if that comes at the price of not being so quick to capture and share.