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So I have always used Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture for creating quick videos of screens or regions but recently something broke and it is not working correctly so until I can find a fix I could use some recommendations for simple Screen capture for short videos.

I planned to use a video to show my work on a configuration task simply because there is so much to say about them that it would be easier for a person to watch one being built along with some written tutorials.

I have looked for some decent open source software but so far even the #1 rated one is really kind of crap and doesn’t work very well. Most of the others try to install a bazillion adware crap or Yahoo Toolbar BS that I just refuse to even look at them. I wouldnt mind paying a small fee if its well built even though I am sad that the free one from MS is not working atm.

I would like to add that Firefox which is typically my choice for web browser has really been acting weird with windows 10 lately. Just now only 1 tab open and only 1 instance of Firefox and its only got this forum loaded and its using almost 300 megabytes of memory… I noticed it has felt somewhat sluggish lately.

For comparison I loaded up Microsofts Edge and went to same thread in this forum and checked memory usage and it was less than 100megs and extremely snappy and fast.

I have hated IE for a while and have always used Firefox and I kind of hope its just my computer but Edge seems to be decent I may try to get used to it.

I switched to Chrome when Discourse broke Firefox. I have 6 tabs open and it is consuming 63MB … not bad.

Really the only thing I do not like about Chrome is that there is no setting like in FF for “do not load Tabs until I click on them”. I live off of a Cell Modem with a limit when I am at home, so I hate having my Tabs loading in the background when I know for certain I won’t be looking at most of them today. Drives me insane.

Anyway… I tried the little ScreenToGif that Emre uses and while it is “ok”, I cannot get it to focus the window properly around what I am shooting - everything is off to the side, and mouse-clicks are therefore way off. And of course there is no sound if that is something you need.

EDIT: come to think of it, Emre did mention that glitch had something to do with resolution/zoom. I just figured out what he meant, and I bet if I set this to 100% it will work…

EDIT2: yup, changing display zoom to 100% and Screen2Gif works well.

Have you looked at this?

Very quickly sourced a few weeks ago when trying to show emre something. There was only a few that created GIFS as well. Have not had an issue but HAVE NOT used it more than half a dozen times.

Man, that is quite a package of tools to be free. Nicely put together. What’s the catch?

Wow @pauln that is nice. I tried it and I think I have a new fav. Looks like a great open source project.

Its got way more than I need but its very simple so it really doesnt matter. Thanks for sharing!

Absolute pleasure just to give something back! I hope it suits, enjoy.:smiley:

@pauln ShareX looks amazing! Definitely going to be downloading and trying that out. Looks like it’s got a lot of other tools in it I could find useful. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I was going to share what I use also but I think ShareX kills it. I used to use Jing a lot which is great for sharing with others, however you need to pay for it to export to non-branded formats (the default has a Jing ad on the end of the capture). I stopped using it because I got a good deal on Snagit (also made by the same company). I think it was 50% off or something, and it works very good for both image and video capture (I think it’s one of the leading commercial ones out there). According to the website it is $49.95, and I would recommend it, however ShareX might change my opinion! :wink:

This is where I got it for $25 but the offer has expired now. But AppSumo got many good deals and some free (its like Groupon for tech), worth signing up. I got Camtasia Studio from there also for 50% off about 6 months ago, but definitely overkill unless you do a lot of video / screen captures.

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Is what iv used

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ShareX is great. I’ve immediately donated :wink:

It can automatically capture to clipboard so we can just capture + paste into forum editor to upload images.


Anyone have a recommendation for adding commentary to a screen recording?
Am thinking about the tutorial videos I have mentioned before.
Have a video editing software on my mac but sure there are simpler solutions.
Anyone know what people use for those youtube videos where there is screen recording with pip webcam setup?

Camtasia Studio can do that, but it’s quite costly for PC (I believe Mac version is cheaper). I haven’t used PIP before but I know it has that feature. I tend to just use on screen text and music background, I don’t like listening to my voice! :stuck_out_tongue:

I also always wondered what people on YouTube use, I can’t imagine they all pay for software to do it (of course, they could always be getting from other means ;)… But I never found a good free screen recorder that can do captions well on video.

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For many years now i use Ashampoo Snap which is great with many functions among them capture screen, capture only window, video, gif etc…

Nowdays Ashampoo gives Snap 7 along with other 4 programs totaly free …

Give them a try …

Happy Holidays to all …

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