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Is there a sql script for getting sales for a day? Or from start of day till current time?

Alternatively how can I see the database on my system? I dont have the SDF file so I’m assuming that I am running SQL server express. Is there a program that can connect to the database so that I can see the tables and values?

If you are running SQL Express you would use SQL Server Management Studio, depending on which install you downloaded it might not have been bundled.
HOWEVER given you sound unsure about SQL be VERY CAREFUL you can make a real mess if you were to make any changes directly in SQL…

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I did the install of SQL Server Express directly from SambaPOS4 while installing. I assume it was SQL Server 2012.
I downloaded SQL Server Management Studio 2014 thinking that it would see the database. No luck. Will now try 2012 version.

I’m just trying to read the table structure and see the values stored. I am not going to put anything into the database. Only reading and extracting. That was why I was wondering if there was something other that SQL Server Management Studio. Something like SQLite Database Browser.

SambaPOS v5.54 doesnt have option to install SQL Express do doubt V4 would…
Think your confusing SQL LocalDB with Full SQL Express Server.
Although beleive you should be able to use SQLMS with LocalDB the method of connecting would likely be different.

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I just found out that I’m actually using the Compact version with SDF file. That simplifies things since there is a small DB viewer that I can use. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough but SQL express is the best route to go every time, would look at upgrading the compact database into full sql express, kendash has a great tutorial on doing this.

I actually thought that I did that tutorial. This is what happens when I am juggling 2 computers. Though in this instance I’m happy cos the Compact DB viewer is about 350kb while the SQL Server Management Studio is about 1Gb. :stuck_out_tongue:
Once I get the required queries I think I’ll change to SQL Express. :innocent:

You can use MSSMS to connect to localdb it’s a specific instance you have to use and it’s always the same I don’t have it memorized but it’s been shared on here numerous times.

LocalDb install is the best for single terminals you would need to upgrade to full package if use multiple terminals. I just enjoy the power of having full SQL even on single terminal environment.

CE is horrible and does not support many advanced features and queries etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if Emre removes the CE option completely one day MS doesn’t even want you to use it anymore that’s entire reason they allow localdb SQL

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So one computer was on Compact version. While other was on 2012 Local DB. I think I might stick with Local DB for now. The Local DB system is a very low end tablet. :stuck_out_tongue:

localdb is SQL it just runs a specific instance as a program and not a service. Good idea localdb is much better than CE