Scripts feature not working

I have the following error when trying to run any script in SambaPos.

This does not happen in any of my other PCs.

Can someone please advice what the problem may be? Thanks!!!

Your in an unregistered trial. These advanced functions likely require a licensed version. Also what version are you running?

Works fine in a registered licensed version and 5.1.26

I have registered license 5.1.43

That version does not exist and in your screenshot it shows unregistered. Please try the latest version.

ok, DB 143, APP is 5.1.62

scripting does work in “unregistered trial” on another PC, not this one, anyway i reinstalled windows and its all working now. thanks!

Either way your going to be told to update. 5.1.62 is quite old now.

I can see from your original screenshot it looks like you could be using Windows Server? Maybe an older version of Windows Server, like 2008 maybe?

Older versions of Windows Server may not have Windows Scripting Host enabled by default, or disabled by some security features. I remember I resolved a similar problem before but was a while ago so can’t remember fully. You can check first in Control Panel Program & Features > Windows Components and ensure “Windows Scripting Host” is installed. I thought there also used to be a download for it, but I can only find one on Google for Windows XP and according to Wikipedia, Windows Scripting Host is already included in Windows Server 2008.

Note this has nothing to do with trial mode…

This was an old post I just found where I posted similar problem before. Unfortunately I didn’t update with the fix but I remember I fixed it :confused:

Going by some of the comments I made there, I think you should ensure you have all the latest Windows Updates installed.


@markjw you are correct, indeed that machine has WS2008. I will check about “Windows Scripting Host”