Scrollbars (width)

Please, Please, Please… make scrollbar smaller… or is it possible to give us a parameter where to set the scrollbar width?

In my screen a scrollbar takes more space than an actual column!!! Its horible to ahve a perfect UI with a fat, fat, fat scrollbar…



Which scrollbar? Not all of them are the same width is why I am asking.

I dont see different scroll bar, all are equally fat… or at least seems so…


POS Scrollbar and Reports scrollbar are two and both are different width. few others.

ok, all of them…
they are all fat…


Wierd I don’t think I’ve ever had scroll bar bigger than column but I also use widescreen monitors. The only one I think is too big is the reports one. But I understand that was a request to be bigger.

now that you mention that, yes, in the pos screen i dont have scroll bar, LOL… just in reports… last night´s caipirinhas still doing effect…



That unusual width was a user request.

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The reason of big scrollbars is lack of touch scroll for reports. I’ve implemented touch scroll for reports but after a lot of hacking I’ve noticed pivot table columns becomes non-draggable with mouse because whole report scrolls with mouse. So I made a rollback. I’ll try to find a different solution.


thats why I could not drag some columns today…