Search purchase history customer

Sometimes a customer liked something they ordered previously, in case of sushi they don’t always know what they had ordered. :smile: Is there a way to search by name or address what a customer has ordered in the past.

Main Menu > Tickets

Set Begin and End Dates,
Select Customer,
Click Refresh,
Sort by Customer Name by clicking Customer Field Header,
Scroll, Select to Expand, Click Display

Is it also possible to search by address?

No, not by default, since Address is a Custom Data Field for the Customer Entity. As you can see, this screen only shows the main Entity Types.

Hmmm… try changing the Display Format or Primary Field for the Customer Entity Type to something like (or vice-versa):

[Name] - [Address]

Not sure if that will work… give it a try!

Did not worked, but i find a way, first I search with the address the customer name and with that information I go the Tickets screen. Thanks for the help

I’ve noted it to feature requests. Thanks for sharing your idea.

I would also second this suggestion. Please, do consider including it soon.