Security concern when loosing DB connection

Sometimes the SQL service doesn’t seem to start (very few times; a Windows issue.) and this error would come up.

The entire connection string is exposed, password and all.

Can this issue be addressed?


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The only thing I can think of, for now, would be to create a script or write a program that checks for connectivity then launches SambaPOS. If the connection fails, have the script/program display an error message without the connection string.

But, if you don’t use that password for anything else, and you have your POS clients and SQL Server on their own network/subnet that no one else can connect to, and the terminals are locked down, there should be no way for anyone else to connect to the SQL server.


Okay, I needed a break from some BS so I threw together a launcher that will check for a connection and display the exception message without the connection string.

In the ZIP file’s bin folder is an executable. Point your shortcut to that executable (wherever you put it) and be sure to change the icon so it looks like the old shortcut.

If no error occurs on connection, it will start SambaPOS.

The only drawback is additional load time from checking connection another time.

I assumed the default installation location for SambaPOS.


source code included (17.3 KB)