See Recipe Cost From The Recipe Screen

This was requested a long time ago on V4 but wasn’t added. It would be a great feature to be able to see Inventory Item cost per unit, total cost for quantity used in a recipe, and recipe total cost. We can also add selling price for the Menu Item so as to calculate and show GP and Markup on the recipe page.

I think if we can have something like this

Let’s assume I am creating a recipe for Product A.

**Inventory Item | Quantity | Cost per Unit | Total Cost**
Flour            | 1kg      |      $5       |      $5
Cheese           | 0.500    |      $1       |      $0.50

Recipe Total Cost:                                 $5.50
Product A Selling Price:                           $8.25
Markup Percentage:                                 50%
Profit Per Item:                                   $2.75
Gross Profit %:                                    33.33%

This can help because one can quickly see if there is need to adjust selling price.

@VehbiEmiroglu was wondering if you saw this?