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I am set up so no tax is added by default. occasionally i’ll need to add sales tax to an (random) item or two (seniors don’t pay tax, but occasionally someone under 60 will come in and we need to add tax to there item/bill

oh! my question is: :smile: … I’d like to Add a Key for this (at the Payment Page) Thanks

Use Calculation and Calculation Selector for that. If you need it per item then look here for some ideas.

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Trying to Add a “Sales Tax” key on the Payment screen, So that i can add Tax ONLY when i want to. ive been trying for 4 hours and i know its something that should take 4 minutes… please help!

Your calculation…
Decrease??? This shouldn’t be ticked, you wanting to add.

You need a calculation selector, or is that the ‘add tax’ button you have already added?

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theres not a INCREASE section?? lol…

No, by default a calculation is a charge.
You select decrease to make it a discount.

ok, ive tried it all sorts of ways… i’ll uncheck it… but nothing happens in the 'sett’e window… .:frowning:

Show your calculation selector

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Thank you for trying!!

Its a simple cafeteria servicing breakfast and lunch to seniors who dont pay tax. no tax is calculated, so im trying to add a key to charge 0.07% tax for rare occations.

(i’d be happy to start from scratch, if you have the time?) :slight_smile:

(the above screen or Key at Settlement does nothing…

What about the calculation selector?

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Show the Transaction Type for Sales Tax.

You didn’t configured accounts? A typical Tax Transaction should be configured as…

Source Account Type : Tax Accounts.
Target Account Type: Receivable Accounts.
Default Source Account: Tax Account
Default Target Account: Receivables


Thank You! That was it, But… I was putting 0.07 for tax and it wasn’t registering… I needed to enter it as 7 … My bad. Thank you again