Select Customer Button - How to disable change customer


When selecting a customer - In mine renamed to Member. When pressed the button changes to ‘Change Member’ How do I disable the change member or get it to ask a question, are you sure?

Cashers are pressing this by mistake and losing tickets.


You cant change that button but they shouldnt be losing tickets… there is a back arrow button that will take them back to the ticket.

Hi, I haven’t explained it fully.

They are selecting a customer.
Adding products and pressing close, so the customer has a Tab open.

But on some occasions, they are accidently pressing changing customer by mistake and not noticing this. Then selecting another customer to continue working.

What I need is a ask question when pressing change customer . Is this correct yes or no question for the cashier.

Or another solution

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I see what you’re asking, I think. I had this same problem with my bartenders. You have employees who aren’t paying attention and when they finish a sale they aren’t hitting close. So rather than starting with a new ticket they begin adding onto an already opened ticket. In a nutshell you’re not losing a ticket so much as you are never opening a new ticket.

To my knowledge there is not a way to put a confirmation prompt on the Change Customer(or Change Member in your case) button. It is one of the few hard coded buttons in Samba. However you could create a rule that produces a Show Message each time a ticket entity is changed. It would happen after the entity is changed rather than before, but it’s at least something. And you can use whatever phrasing in the message as you’d like (even if it’s misspelled. hahah)

You’ll want to add a Custom Constraint in the rule that is set to Entity Type Equals Members if you have any other entities that are added to tickets as well. Otherwise you’ll get the same prompt several times when creating a ticket.

Hope this is of some assistance.

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You could fully automate the flow, if you remove the memebr entity from yout ticket settings then the buttons will completely disappear

You can then create you own auto command button to add a member to a ticket, which you can make “disappear” once a member is added using the mapping feature of the auto command button. This would then stop your issue as there wouldnt be a button on screen to select or change a member once a ticket is open and a member has been added.

If you wanted to change a member already added to a ticket then you could also create another auto comman button for this that only displays when there is a ticket with a member already added to it. You can then add further automation to this with an ask question popup to confirm the change, but if you never need to change the member assigned to a ticket then you wouldnt need this button at all