Select Entity POS Ticket Screen

Is It possible to configure Ticket Creation Method: Create Ticket to display a list of entities on the pos screen like this?

At the minute I have Ticket Creation Method set to Select Entity. So if i select an entity from an entity screen It prompts me to select a table in this instance.

Is it possible to skip the entity screen and have a list of my employee entities on the POS screen? I can the use select table if it is required.

Set the ticket creation to create ticket and uncheck the ask before creating ticket for table… if I have understood your question…

I want to Use the Create Ticket Method and have a list of the entities like the screen shot above.

If I check the ask before creating ticket I though it would not let me create a ticket without selecting an entity but that does not seem to be the case, when I go to POS screen it just allows me create a ticket.
But it does show the list of entities if I add a product and then cancel it.

Because going to POS does not create a ticket, a ticket is created when you add a product or select an entity from the normal entity screens or you setup otherwise.

Automating create ticket on going to POS would make this come up BUT not sure if you would be able to select a table to open an existing ticket as this is creating a new ticket straight away…

Yes even when I add a product I thought it would prompt me then to select entity but it doesn’t.
I was hoping it might be something simple. I know its the same as the entity screen but it would be nice not to have to leave the POS screen at all for transactions.

So before creating ticket is on submitting the ticket then not creating?

If thats the case you could probably trick it into coming up by automating adding saving ticket.
Maybe adding dummy product with order formatting do as to set to size 1 and 0000000 colour then save ticket and void the dummy product.
I did this in a ‘reservation’ setup where there was a hidden product which kept the ticket open.

I really don’t see the point honestly. What benefit does it provide? I don’t mean it’s a bad idea but I can’t see how it would help any process.

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There is no major benefit, maybe 1-2 seconds compared to selecting an entity from entity screen (there is a slight lag on client terminals when switching to POS Screen).
When I checked ask before creating ticket for both entities, when selecting the 2nd entity from POS screen it is applied instantly.
I have custom keyboard also configured which means I would not have to leave the POS screen for general sales.

It is not a real issue for me, I came across it by accident and thought this could be useful. I was hoping there was a checkbox or something simple I was overlooking

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