Select Entity Ticket Creation

Hi All
So this is probably how Department - “Ticket Creation Method” works for “Select Entity” works but I was wondering can you UNMAP a Entity Screen from a Department?

My thoughts for a typical workflow for Kitchen Ordering (Food Orders) for Bar Snacks was:
Ticket Sales

The first screen which loads, however, is all Entity Screens ever made as below:

Obviously all Entities are mapped to the Ticket so therefore all associated screens appear!
Anyway around this…

NOTE: I have Unmapped Entities “Bar Wallet” & “Prize Wallet” yet these still appear for “Select Entity” Ticket creation method? @emre that does not seem correct? (*See posts below)

[EDIT 1]
Ok I can see Screens do have mapping so I must creating a Map individually for Each other Department which does NOT USE “Select Entity” as the Ticket creation method.

So the Wallet Screen Mapping is overwriting Ticket Mapping? (As these have “*” mapped for Department in each Screen).
(Department will override Ticket as we are not inside Ticket as Yet see post below)

[EDIT 2]
Ok my resolution will be:
To create a new Department called “System” and a New User called System - used by Developers. I will then map all “spare stuff” to System Department so it does not show to any Users. This will save having to individually may across screens and departments all the good Screens.
Also has the least maintenance issues for changes :smile:

Happy to listen to better ideas or why Wallets are appearing.

Ticket mapping is not the same as screen mapping. Use screen mapping for what you want. The tickets relation is what gives you the Select Wallet button inside ticket but screen mapping dictates if you see screen or not on department button press.

So the screens above “All Bar Wallets” and “All Prize Wallets” are not mapped to Ticket BUT as we have not Created a ticket as yet they are available right? So all is functioning correctly?

You mapped them to all departments right?

Yes at that stage above all were mapped.

They will show if mapped to that dept. they won’t show if not mapped to that dept. has nothing to do with ticket. There are no tickets yet.

Ok excellent I will amend my post above - if I could just burn your knowledge onto a USB and load into my head - all would be great :smiley: