Select orders action expression - how to constrain to certain portions?

I’m using this expression to select orders:

(MT.Promo=BOGOAUG23) and (ODI=True) and ((OMP=10inch Small) or (OMP=12inch Medium) or (OMP=14inch Large))

It works if eligible items are added in succession (e.g. 10" and 10") but once I add, say, 10" then 18" then a 12" not all the matching orders are selected.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a different way to write the expression?


I think its


Though I am not sure if it supports AND logic or if its just OR.

I think something like that works with the Adjust Order Prices action. The Select Orders action uses a different engine to select orders I believe.

I’m not sure if this is going to make a difference in your situation, but are you regenerating the ticket?

Just doing a little testing, yielded a different display results for me. In the below screenshots, the Tea order should be grayed out and the text sticken through.

Here is a screenshot without regenerating the ticket:

Here is one with regenerating the ticket:

On a different note, I did not know there was an expression to select a portion (OMP=), I’ll have to try to lock that in my memory bank for future use!

When blending and / or you must do it long way.

X and c or 3 or x and c or 5 or x and c or 6

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After an exception and seeing the underlying part of the framework in use, the following expression seems to do the trick:

(MT.Promo=BOGOAUG23) && (ODI=True) && ((OMP=10inch Small) || (OMP=12inch Medium) || (OMP=14inch Large))

As usual, it was other crap I was trying to do that seems to have been causing the issue.