Select save customer error v4

Hi All I am working with sambapos V4 ,I did Configureate Caller Id

  1. When costumer telephone number coming up succesfully
  2. I did save it with without problem time same number call I CAN NOT Select THE THE NUMBER I SAVED AND choice SELECT COSTUMER BUTTON IS DEACTIVE,When I TRY TO SAVE IT IT SHOW ERROR "costumers already existing


Looks like your automation setup is wrong, when the caller id rings it looks like you have it setup to create customer entity everytime you click on it, thats why the other options are greyed out and thats why you only have the new customer button active

You get that error message when pressing new customer because you already have a customer with that phone number saved

You need to change the rule that runs when you press the popup message when the phone rings

You need something to happen that when pressed a rule fires that will select the customer if the number is already saved to a customer entity and create the ticket, or if it is a new number open the entity screen to create the customer first, then select them to create a ticket

I dont use caller ID but that seems to be your issue, everytime it rings your rules are set to create a new customer everytime

So if an existing customer rings you need to select them and not try and create a new one

your analysis are right, However, except one thing, there is no Rule or action for pop up


Those screenshots are of actions and not rules, there must be a rule somewhere otherwise samba will not know what to do when the popup caller id box is pressed

I am 100% sure is this screenshot, I agree with you what you saying makes sense, however, can find any tutorial regard
caller id and Rules

Im pretty sure caller id device setup does its own popup doesnt it?

Yes, it is hard cord with caller id device.

I never used it, so is there no automation to control what happens when you press the popup?

I thought it loaded entity search screen with the number is receives?

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I have never used Caller Id either.

I will make a guess that you might be able to design your own flow based on the Entity Screen Name and the Widget Name (where the Popup value will be inserted) …

The Widget will probably contain the CID output (phone number), and the Widget can be set to trigger an Event. For example, the Widget could be an Editor Widget that is set to execute an Automation Command …

Then using a Rule for Automation Command Executed, the value from the Editor Widget should be in [:CommandValue]

That Rule ^ is firing a Show Message action, but you could do whatever you want with the value at this point …