Select table on menu category select

Table numbers only needed if people order food.

Is there a way to make staff enter entity screen when menu category “Food” is selected?



As you have written it I guess you would need an order added rule with a constraint of table entity name is null or something like that.

would constraint include the part that would be only IF the FOOD category is selected?


Yes, would want that type of constraint, category/group or a custom item tag for ‘Table Required’ so constraint of {ITEM TAG:Table Required} not null

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awesome, will try that… again… no doubt ill be back! :slight_smile:


do I need an action? Load entity screen or something?

this is where I’m at.

Looking at this it looks as if the constraints don’t need to be as complex?


Just using the stock install to test :slight_smile:

You would need a constraint to know if entity already selected else it will fire for every item added that matches selected groups…

aha so put the code in above that you said where I currently have soup… ok, got that.

nope, didn’t got it…

I created a load entity action with Entity Type Name as Tables

Constraints in rules I put ‘Menu Item Tag = {ITEM TAG:Soup}’

I’m not getting it somewhere, or I’m missing the point.


Just found this which will basically do what I want.

This would be wrong for start I think, do you have a custom product tag column called soup?

Also Load Entity is for background entity changes I think, like load ticket rather than display ticket.

It’s the stock install soup is the menu category.

I noticed a mistake when reading above link.

I’ve relaxed for the day now so will continue to play tomorrow. Thanks for your help this evening much appreciated!


It would be ‘Menu Item Group Code’ for the product group…

Right so I changed what I wanted becauser the staff really should know to select a table when they put food in.

I haave created an action: Display Message “Please Select A Table”

Rule: Order Added, Menu Item Group Code = Food, with the action

It repeats each time, is there a way to make it happen once?


(PS, 2 reasons being that yes id like to learn how to do the above but time isn’t on my side, and ive been trying for 2 hours now lol… 2nd reason is I’m not THAT fussed as its not majorly important just as long as there is a message itll be good)

Don’t help me a minute I have it working in my head…

Let me work this

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Work out a constraint so that it only shows if no table selected.
It would still show every order but only while there is no table selected.
If you do it that way they will soon learn to add table first LOL :wink:

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I just went a long way round and got the same result lol…

Custom Tag: Tables
Action: Update Ticket State, SN:Tables S:Unconfirmed
Action: Update Ticket State, SN:Tables S:Confirmed
Action: Display Message: Please Select A Table
Rule: Order Added, Matches: MenuItemGroupCode Equals Food - Action Unconfirmed
Rule: State Updated, Matches All: State Name=Tables, State=Unconfirmed - Action Confirmed - Action Message

Worked for first selection… but worked for the rest too…

Impressed I worked that out though :stuck_out_tongue:

Think Ill do it the original way but use the constraints


Lets say I keep the above, I could set constraints so that the actions wont fire if the status is already confirmed as it only says confirmed once the message has been shown.

I cant do constraints… ill give it a bash… but might be back