{SELECTED ORDERS} can I get menu item name without submitting

Is there anyway for me to get the name of an item in the ticket screen without submitting it?

I’m able to get the item name after submitting by using {REPORT SQL DETAILS} but I’m looking to get it prior.

{REPORT SQL DETAILS:SELECT [MenuItemName] FROM [SambaPOS5].[dbo].[Orders] where Id={SELECTED ORDERS}:F.MenuItemName}

You can use {ORDER DETAILS:O.Name}

I don’t remember if O.Name gives any output but if not try with any other like O.MenuItemName, but {ORDER DETAILS:Expression} is what you need to get unsubmitted orders.

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Perfect. Thank you @Francisco_Lopez. I searched for a while and came up with only the {SELECTED ORDERS}. With your post I was able to find out what I was looking for.

{ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName:Order.IsSelected} provides me the item name of the selected orders.

Without Order.IsSelected it returns all orders on the ticket.

{SELECTED ORDERS} returns only submitted orders on the ticket.

Thanks again, working on an API which needs the item names.


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