Selecting all items on a ticket

I cant seem to find this but is there a way of selecting all items on a ticket after they have been submitted to void. I had a large order which i needed to void as the customer didnt come to collect so i had to select every item individually.

In ticket view just press all items you want to void.


He wants a single button solution so he doesnt have to do that. There is a solution for that but you need to create the automation yourself. Let me see if I can find the thread discussion.

I cant find a relative discussion that wont confuse you. I dont have time to write a detailed tutorial but I can tell you that all you need to do is copy the current Void setup but for your VOID button map it to Ticket instead of Order Line. Also make Enabled State blank.

Be VERY CAREFUL with this as it could lead to accidental presses voiding an entire ticket on accident. You may want to add Admin Confirmation.

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Not knowing how many items it is… for me it’s easy because I only sell 1-5 per person

There should be a void transaction tutorial?

Dont look at that one. That one has a lot of unnecessary automation. To do what he wants its simply just changing the mapping of Void command. To retain the single order Void just copy the default Void button and leave the original unchanged and then for the copy name it Void Ticket and set the mappings like I explained above.

Add this constraint to your Void Rule.

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aha! Useful for me also.

Thanks Kendash


Thanks @Jesse works exactly how i want. How do i go about adding a Admin confirmation onto this?

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Sorted, i should search before asking a question … lol


I think setting Enabled and Visible states to Unpaid is better, as then the Void Ticket button won’t show when order is New (in which case you can have a Cancel Ticket button instead). What do you think @Jesse ?

I was assuming visible state would be Unpaid. Enabled state can stay blank as if button is visible you should be able to click it. It wouldnt hurt to map it with Unpaid state though.

If you clone built in void rule first, both enabled and visible states are *. I set to Unpaid for both anyway.