(Self Service )Customer Order food and settle payment at cashier

@Jesse thanks for your help the lecture thing was a joke… i take you guys as my teachers so not heard feelings…

now a days the self service is in demand. so i wanted to build a demo for future use.

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ok so far this is what i have come up with:
customer layout screen:

after ordering order:

to add modifer to order:

modifer added:

customer ticket lister

i am facing problem to achieve this.

Great. On latest version you can get rid of left sidebar by unmapping all ticket and order automation commands.

Maybe when clicked on a ticket line it will be better to display a popup that contains remove order and add note command buttons. To be able to implement such popup we need to know when an order line is selected. Would an “order selected” rule will be useful here?

I also have plans to create a new Ask Question like dialog that contains html viewer instead of “question” section. So we can implement something like that…

  1. Customer clicks on a product button.
  2. We display a popup that contains a html with larger product image, detailed description and under that two commands to add item or cancel it.
  3. If Customer clicks on “Add Order” button it adds into the ticket.
  4. If Customer clicks on cancel popup closes.

Anyone interested on such features?


this will be useful if customer will be taking order since they need to make decision…but waitor or cashier they need to take order fast for them it will be extra work as they have to answer yes or no

@Jesse mention something in the article but i coudnt follow him

This is a huge (103 post) topic and many features added regarding that setup after @Jesse’s suggestions. Start from the end of the topic to understand how we changed SambaPOS features and what we’ve achieved so far.

i am concern with this paragraph as i want to open image when i click on custom button as i have stated above

as i want each custom button to show its respective picture

Not sure what your concerned about. That’s specific about order line commands not automation button presses.

i am stuck … dont know where i am going wrong…read the other post thought it was related

as explained:

i am facing problem to achieve this. this is what i ahve done:
add custom buttons

add automation command

automation comand button with no mappning

product tag caption: to put each image path



i know i am doing something wrong so please assist

btw I’ve implemented Order Selection Changed event.

Event executes both when an order line selects / unselects.

MenuItemName return a value if an order line selected. When an order line unselects it’s value becomes empty.

Selected Order Count will return count of selected order lines.

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@madiha when you assign a custom command to a product button you need to handle order addition yourself. Custom buttons just executes actions. That’s why I thought you should display details with Ask Question action. Ask Question dialog can display product images to a degree but I can improve it to display a HTML Viewer inside.

So… Implement workflow like that.

  1. When a custom button clicked display product details with ask question action and map related commands to ask question dialog buttons. If you don’t know what I mean searching tutorials about ask question action will help.
  2. When customer clicks OK button on ask question dialog add related order in ticket.
  3. When customer click Cancel button do nothing.

For now don’t think how product details appears on ask question dialog. Just add some placeholder text. I’ll allow you to display HTML there so you can prepare your custom product description screens.

ok got your point will try to implement

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i have removed all the button to be used in customer display screen

and put them under tocket row 2 but still i ddint get rid of the sidebar ?

Hmm… That was the complete sentence

.>>>> Great. On latest version <<<<< you can get rid of left sidebar by unmapping all ticket and order automation commands.

Do you know what I mean with latest version? It means you’re using 5.1.47. This is old version.

5.1.52 is latest version. As shown here http://forum.sambapos.com/c/v5-release.

and here.

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oops slipped my mind thanks

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i have run .52 but still i cant get rid of the side bar

i only need to get rid of button associated with this deprtment only right?

Take customer and tables Out of tickettype

so i should have separate ticket type for this customer department as i want to show these two buttons on my other takeaway and tables department and dont want to show on customer department

Just wondering how you gonna track which order belong to who? or just ticket number and customer pay right away when order placed.