Sell 6 with price of 5


In action constraints for corresponding actions.


excuse me i cant get that
u mean i will open the action of [Generic X for Y Items] and then where can i write in action constraints?


Yes, show them open as you will need to have set values within the actions anyway?


ok finally i did understand what u mean :sweat_smile:

but unfortunately it works for 6 and 12 items only if 18 i used 18 only 12 will be Promoted and the rest will not

now i am very grateful for giving me this command:

i can do alot with such a command


i’m trying another algorithms using this command to make it works right for any input
6 --> 1 Free
12–> 3 Free
18 --> 4 Free (1 from 6 and 3 from 12)
24 --> 6 Free (3 from every 12)( NOT 24 --> 4 FROM EACH 6)


OK, give me a few hours and will look tonight, have an alternate idea.


found 1 and works well for me


i’m sorry but i have another problem
it totally works well but…
as i said before, too many tags
i think it’s doing this:
when i add 6 items it makes one of them free
and then when add another 6 it makes three free
so 6 items uses the first tag and the second one

so for 12 items we see sth like this:

what i want to do is : when i use B9G3 tag on a certain item it removes the B5G1 from the same item

ur way was i only use one of them on all items i mean either use this way or the other one and i dont want this
i want sth like this

with no tags or with maximum 1 tag


i’m sorry i faced another problem
when i put them from the number pad it just uses 1 technique
i mean when i use for example 18 it does not make it 6 and 12 it just makes 3 of 6’s
is there any way to modify this ^^


What i was sugesting with that method was the tag would have the same name, rather than buy x get x as tag if it was just multibuy offer it should overwrite when it recalculates.


yes i understand this but this technique won’t make for the 18 products (the 12 and 6 promotions) it makes the 6 promotion three times

in other words it just do one of them not a combination of them


That’s two separate issues.
One is multiple tags
The other is combinations.


How many combinations does it need to go up to.
Origionally I wasn’t expected you to go above, making a x for y for 24 would solve that brackets but depends on how many you wanted to go up to.


i’m sorry i’m writing many questions because i will close for two days
wish you help me


how can i formulate this to make if any of items which have the same ‘MT.Promotion’ nevermind its value it will make the same action

any group of items have the ‘MT.Promotion’ = the same thing it do this promotion

for example if ‘MT.Promotion = JTRTech’ it makes the promotion
elseif ‘MT.Promotion = emre’ same promotion and so on :smiley:


i want sth that goes true for any example :smiley:


Ok, but it plattos at 3 free on 12 right?
Or not because 30 would be 3+3+1?
Am I understanding that right?


36 = 9 free
42 = 10 free
48 = 12 free


completing 20 words :joy:


So I see two options.;
A. we create something more complex using scripts to calculate the number of free for however many applicable items.
B. If I have calculated correctly you could achieve with 2 offers that should work for any quantity.
1 free for every 6 and 1 extra free for every 12.
If both of these are applied together over all items it should add up I think;


good job sir but now we are back again to a problem where the first the first and second offer are applied on the same product so for 12 only 2 will get the offer
i didnt try this i will try and post u the answer now