Sell 6 with price of 5


example for what i’m asking about:
i sell cupcakes with different flavors (caramel, oreo, white chocolate …etc)
i want when the customer buys 6 cupcakes regardless their flavors pays for 5 only

i tried to put them in order tags and made a button for 1 cupcake and another for 6 but i faced 2 issues:
first that i can’t monitor which flavor is sold more to know bestselling and more
second when i sell one piece the warehouse is decremented by 2 and when i removed order tags it decrements by 1

i tired to make the 1 and 6 in the same button but different portions and the flavors in the order tags but when i choose 6 i have maximum only 1 order tag to select

how i can do this? :smiley:

i wish to be clearly understood ^^


There is a combo/offer setup which is likely best method.
In regards order tags you would need to change the max/min for tags but is probably not the best method for this senario.

Here was a topic about combo/offer x for y setup


excuse me but nothing attached
did u mean i should search on this?
thanks a lot ^^


sir where is the topic u said?



Also here, look at the adjust order prices action and change the function from X for Y% to X for Y


can u please tell me what does MT in (MT.Promo=BeerPromo) refers for?
and i looked in and found nothing explains those letters


Menu Item Tag which is a Custom Product Tag


You define them in program settings:


but from where should i know these info?
and is there other definitions for other things rather than MT?


The forum.

Yes there are several. Its mostly documented in custom reports. You have the forum, the KB, SambaPOS itself documents it when you try to write a report.


Most of our syntax is derived from custom reports now. Some areas it was allowed to use custom report tags without having to write a full report tag. This is one of those areas. The forum is the best resource everything has been documented here. Look at tutorials that’s your best option but also scour various discussions.


what about MN and MG?
cant find them in reports


MG is group. would have uessed MN would be name but seems an odd expression, where did you see it used?


MN Is probably Menu Item Name. All tags share a common theme its not hard to figure out what they do once you understand their naming theme.


i mentioned u there ^^


Nothing interesting then, it just seems off to specify by name, its very specific and faily unlikly use vs group or tag.


ok then i’m now trying to do just like the post where i mentioned u
i made the action like this

and the rule event name Ticket Total Changed and then nothing happens!
can you tell me why?
it am beginner on smaba so treat me as i know nothing
thanks in advance


Show your product tags.