SELLING 22" Touchscreen Monitors

Hello Everyone, I have a few extra heavy duty touch screen monitors.
They were used as a kiosk at a fast casual chain near me and they changed to all-in-ones so I got them for a very good price. They are in good shape and are very nice.

They are made by TechGlobal. They are very sturdy and the base is very adjustable.

The model i have is listed as marked SP221 but they are identical with this.

I have them on ebay and craigslist, but i figured I could offer them up to you guys as well with a little samba community discount :slight_smile:

I am in the USA so I can ship domestically not trying to deal with international shipping.

$175 per monitor + shipping (currently have 5 available)


What part of the US are you in? I’m in Arkansas.

I am in New Jersey…

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