SELLING 22" Touchscreen Monitors

Hello Everyone, I have a few extra heavy duty touch screen monitors.
They were used as a kiosk at a fast casual chain near me and they changed to all-in-ones so I got them for a very good price. They are in good shape and are very nice.

They are made by TechGlobal. They are very sturdy and the base is very adjustable.

The model i have is listed as marked SP221 but they are identical with this.

I have them on ebay and craigslist, but i figured I could offer them up to you guys as well with a little samba community discount :slight_smile:

I am in the USA so I can ship domestically not trying to deal with international shipping.

$175 per monitor + shipping (currently have 5 available)


What part of the US are you in? I’m in Arkansas.

I am in New Jersey…

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Hey guys, just wanted to add an update here. I got my hand on a few more monitors at a better price this time I have 10 available, but they don’t have power supplies.

These monitors are all metal construction and are legit heavy duty. The bases are sturdy and won’t wobble when placing orders.

$125+ 35 for shipping.

Hi mate,

Are they mountable? Can they be installed on a wall etc.?

Would you be able to ship them to Cambodia with EMS or DHL?

Yes they are wall mountable. They are Vesa mountable. I am not familiar with shipping overseas I can look into it but It would be more expensive.

Couls you send me some photos of the base where the mounting points are?

Ask when you have time. As long as its not huge shipping fees I am interested.