Selling A Database Backup with preset settings?

Good day SambaPOS team

I have a question on selling a database backup

I use SambaPOS in my shop, and i set it up to work as a normal pos system for shops(grocerie stores) I also implemented a loyalty system with alot of extra features and even set up the “print receipt” to work for shops

I want to sell the database backup for all of these settings and make a tutorial of how everything works(loyalty system, were to add a cashier, how to add their company details on the “print receipt”, how to add in-store items to the program and so forth.

Is it possible for me to sell the backup like this?

You first need to become an authorized reseller. You can not just sell a database. Become a reseller and learn how to deploy sambapos and then you can resell sambapos.

Many resellers use databases for base setups it helps speed up deployment.