Selling with credit


I have somewhat strange request.

Here scenario;

Lets say a customer have a card with 200 credits in it.

1 credit = 5 bucks

Listed price of soup is 10 bucks
Listed price of steak is 30 bucks

This customer have special discount in my restourant so for this customer soup’s price 0,5 credit
Steak is 1 credit.

I want to sell my products to this customer with credit and when payment day came collect my money as cash equal to customer’s credit debt.

Customer eats daily and also I want to follow customer’s credit debt but not in my daily income report as cash.

Also I want to see products prices as credit in ticket for this customer.

Can I do this in Sambapos v5?

Some creative use of accounts or discounts maybe.
You could look to do points card in reverse.