Semi-Integrated Credit Card Processing

Hi Guys,

I am in US and in the next couple of weeks, I want to see if it is possible to integrate credit card processing using Ingencio iCT220. It seems this can be done with SambaPOS.

Solution overview:

C# classess to send data to credit card terminal:
Ingenico site:

Is anyone interested in this solution?

Can you give me some ideas where to start?

As always, your help is much appreciated.

I use this card machine. I’m not amazing at scripting or so but can help with testing

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I made a start with a usb teminal here if helps;

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Ingenico is who Walmart recently switched too. Most stores already using their machines.

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Think most providers use ingenco nowdays, is all you see at 99% of places round here.

Hello did you had any progress on this I’m really in need of semi integration solution with samba

Your card provider will make a difference.
Paymentsence in UK at least have a partnership program and offer intergratable terminals and there are aparently DLL files for configuring in samba.
If not UK not sure, check the available card intergration modules in market, there are a few i am not familier with.

I’m with first data. Canada
Would you know where to look for that info

The two with names I recognise on are ingenco but that’s machine not provider so not sure.
Payment sense are resellers of firstdata but believe they sort hardware and first data are just the merchant account provider…

Anybody in North America manage to work out something on semi integration? I called first data and they told me that they could download a “var” file to my debit machine(verifone vx820) if I remember correctly and I would have to setup software with some parameters they sent me cable so comp can communicate with debit machine
Anybody have an idea ?

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It’s not sending/asking to the machine that’s usually to issue its listening to the reply.

I can develop something but I would need documentation. I currently have multiple terminals working but they are all highly customized. Essentially most terminals communicate with the computer via a com port or sometimes USB. Generally you need to post data via XML (I have a nice one that will communicate with a Json API. Its quite impressive ). Anyway post data, wait for response. Easy as pie if you have a documentation from the processor for the device. Do you?

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@QMcKay The qmx site is down again. Maybe you would consider hosting externally? is a fantastic host, no hassle signup and my total is like $2.50 a month on a small server, $5.00 on a larger one, instant deployment, portable, no downtime. Highly recommended.

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What kind of documentation should I ask from provider?