Send e-mail to entity field

you can send an email by uploading a field of an entity?
send an email to the customer loading the “Email” field

Try creating a send-email action and use [:Email Address] variable to be able to send this value from a rule. You can try using {ENTITY DATA:Email} value to pass entity’s e-mail custom field value to action from a rule.

I can not configure sending email with gmail.
someone managed to do it?
what are the parameters to be included?

the port was not 465 but 587!

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I can not pass the parameter!
if I insert {ENTITY DATA:E-mail} in email addresses me by mistake

It gives me this error

and then …

Use [:Email Address] in the Action.
Then in the Rule that executes the Action use {ENTITY DATA:Email Address}

I entered the parameters

I have always the same error field empty

Remove the Action from the Rule, save and re-add the Action. It has the wrong variable name.
The Action in the Rule -> Email Address
The Action itself -> E-mail

ok, done, but the error remains

It should be {ENTITY DATA:Customer:E-mail} in the Rule

great, it works perfectly!
Thanks Johns