Send Message to Kitchen Printer

Hello @QMcKay,

You might have come across a situation that you need to send message to Kitchen from POS Machine ?

Message can be “Get Table 1 Orders Quickly” ?

Like this?

You add {NOTE} to your template. Just open the order and add Ticket Note: Get this order out now!! or similar. Or you could just make a specific printer template that prints Text. Use a automation command button and use the request input variable.

Let me try that…

Nice Idea @kendash

Hello @Jesse

i have tried that but do not know where to give the request variable in the Execute Print Job Action.

Could you please let me know ?

  1. Setup a Printer Template that only contains Ticket Notes using <J00>{NOTE}
  2. Setup a Print Job set it to print from your Kitchen Printer and set the new template you just made.
  3. Setup an Execute Print Job action put the new print job you just made.
  4. Setup an Automation Command call it Send Kitchen Note or whatever you want to name it.
  5. Setup a rule to handle the Automation Command Executed and put your new action in it.

Pull up your ticket… or any ticket really (Its only going to print the ticket Note) type your note and send it to the printer with the new button. You can then change the note back to what it was previously if it already had one on it.

You can format the printer output however you want. But {NOTE} is the tag you want to put in the template.

Thanks Much @Jesse