Send WhatsApp messages

I want to integrate WhatsApp api to send WhatsApp messages.

Can someone help me on settling it up .

I understand that I have to purchase the api but can someone please guide me on how to configure it.

Just to give a bit of a background. I want to implement a system to confirm my customer orders by sending them a WhatsApp message.

I currently use an sms api to send messages to my delivery drivers and manage deliveries.

Since customers are more likely to check WhatsApp message than text messages, it would be useful to integrate it.

Thank you

Whatsapp api not working at 5.30

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Thank you for your reply.

I haven’t actually upgraded to 5.3 . Still using the old version.

Will it work.


First, let me state that my english is very bad

From Sambapos I made there, the packer sends the address of the customer via WhatsApp, the packer clicks that link and goes to the address from the Google map.


I am writing this using google translate

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No problem.

Thank you

I will try it.

You are very helpful.

Thank you

Why doesn’t it work with 5.3.0?
Other apis work fine…

I don’t know why it doesn’t work

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It does work. Your trying to do a direct html link inside a command inside a widget. You need to use scripts for it. If your not familiar with javascript and how to use our scripting feature this may not be possible for you.

Hello Jesse,
I’m not very good at programming.

Can you tell me how to configure a script for WhatsApp.


No sorry if your not very good at it then you may need to hire a developer to help you. Or maybe someone in here may find it interesting to try.

Ill probably give it a go next week, if it all goes well I’ll make a tutorial for it. Original post was made a year ago so Ill see if there are any changes to API



Thanks alot .

It’s something I’ve been trying to figure out for a while but haven’t been able to due to my limited coding skills.

Did you get a chance to try it.

Thanks alot

Don’t you get notifications for both in e aptly the same way lol

Hello ,
You are right. this is just a side point.

At the moment, we are able to send out sms to our rider and customers and that’s working fine.

However, we also want to send an order confirmation message to our customers with the order details.

The problem is that the sms api only allows a single line template . Example: message = dear customer, you order value is (bill value)

When we try to add additional lines to the template we receive an error message .
message = dear customer, your order is confirmed {ORDER}


We tried contacting our local sambapos dealer to assist but even they couldn’t help us.

So now we are trying to integrate WhatsApp and stop using sms as it offers more flexibility.


Try %0D or %0A where you want new line. Although, how are you sending? Show screenshot of where that message= is

{ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity,O.MenuItemName,O.Price,O.PortionName:T.Id={TICKET ID}: *[=F('{0}','#,#.#')]x {1} [='{3}'.replace(/Normal/g, '')] {2}}