Sending reciept by email to customer

I don’t know if this is possible, I want to send customers their receipt via email instead of print. Is this possible? Please let me know. Thanks

It is posible, samba has an email action, the question is how you generate the receipt, ie if you wanted as a pdf email attachment using a virtual printer to print using normal template to pdf and email that file is posible but is a little uncontrolled in most cases, your printing to a dive and then with a delay emailing that file, in that there isnt a direct responce to the prunt that triggers the email, your just delaying sending the file allowing virtual printer time to create it.
I did email receipts for a setup recently but it worked by sending ticket info to the website which generated the pdf and emailed from there, this allowed positive confirmation as web server creates the pdf and emails after creation and returned confirmation to sambe.

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