Sent Viber messages & bot

I want to integrate VIBER api to send viber messages.

Can someone help me on settling it up .

I understand that I have to purchase the api but can someone please guide me on how to configure it.

Just to give a bit of a background. I want to implement a system to confirm my customer orders by sending them a viber message.

Since customers are more likely to check Viber message than text messages, it would be useful to integrate it.

Thank you

Look at the API documentation for sending a message to get your parameters:

Then search the forum for API examples utilizing the scripts section in automation. This might help:



function viber(){
“name”:“John McClane”,
“tracking_data”:“tracking data”,
“text”:“Hello world!”

Just to clarify

WhatsApp and Viber are 2 different services. If you want to send WhatsApp messages, you need to integrated with WhatsApp. If you want to send Viber messages, you need to integrated with Viber.

From what I see, for Viber you need to purchase to send business messages, that is, you are sending to someone who has not already subscribed. It says right at the top of the API page you linked that if you want to do that, you need to contact one of the official partners. In this case, the API you linked may not be the correct API for using that service.