Separate Account Screen and Reports for some products

Hello guys, So how about if one needs to separate all account for a certain group of products into a different accounts screen as well as the reporting. This is a business that has two companies in one place and they sell all items as if it was a single business. One group of products they are a partnership business and the rest the belong to one guy.

With the method of transaction types changes at order level works fine, and i am able to see the move of value from sales account into receivable accounts in both account screens appropriately as below,

My Vagies Sale Transaction rule Change for Vagies Category

Back to my order screen i have first 2 products from the breakfast category and the bottom 2 from the Vagies Category

Before payment is made if we just submit this order i have the desired result in accounts
Here is my General account Screen

And here is my Vagies account Screen

The above is as expected, problem comes in going further when payment is made, i am not sure which event i am supposed to counter, So i tried passing this account type

to the Update Order Action in Payment Processed event

When i go back and pay the ticket, this is how my accounts screens end



How can i move Vagies Receivables into Vagies Cash without affecting the General Accounts, I know my rule above in payment processed may be totally wrong, but just to communicate the idea. Any help in the right direction will be appreciated. Thanks.

In what way exactly? This is not a question, you haven’t asked anything! Please ask your question and not just link another topic.

Also, please use the V5 Question category. V5 Tutorial is for tutorials which this is not. I have changed this for you. Thanks.

Thanks for your help, I am new to how things work with question and all that, but i am glad you were there to help. thanks @markjw

So the best way to do this will be purely through custom reports and order/ticket states. Using a specific state on the orders means we can filter reports for that state.

Thanks, kendash, I fully, get on the need to have separate states, however with accounts as illustrated above is there a way I could move money from vagies receivables into vagies cash withought affecting the general accounts? Are able to help me understand why I cant make it work in the payment processed event?

What I am saying instead of using accounts leave it alone and use reports to separate the two stores.