Separate Dish for different case

Hi, Is there any way to separate dishes, for example, some customer would like to separate the starter, main and dessert, but some customer wish to get all the food out together, how can I do that? Do you think theres a way to tell the chef easily like a one button note said “Seperate” or “Together”?

Look for Line Separators feature in latest v5 release.


I followed this guide. Instead of to go/dine in, i’ve changed it to “separate” or “together”. I then print this on the ticket.

Or you could just make an order tag called “send as main” and map it to all starters so the chef knows.

Line separators is great way to solve your problem. It’s a new feature developed for exactly what your trying to do.

Also groups, I did mine so you could change the course of a dish should say child have a main with adults starters or maybe someone only wanted a starter for main served with othersmains

@JTRTech, how did you manage to do that? Would be interested in implementing it.

Here was one of the topics where I was origionally building the base of my method;

Its not a tutorial but shows most of the key parts.
The main issue is the need for a ‘patch product’ which is added and then canceled as part of the update course flow in order to trigger the refresh of the group display formatting.