Separating Order Tags for Printing

I wish to ask if there is anyway to separate order tags for printing. For instance, my happy hour promotion for instance, one of them which is made into a button is for 2 beers and 1 pizza, where the customer can play around with the beer choices, 1 stella artois, 1 carlsberg, etc, As long as it adds up to 2 beers.

Now when I click this button, I am using order tags for pizzas and beers. As shown in the image above. I wish to send the pizza order to the kitchen printer and the beers to the bar, how can I do that?

I have tried using portions too, as shown here:

and Set menu bundle

However, I can’t choose more than one portion. meaning, if let’s say my happy hour promotion is 10 beers, the customer can choose one type of beer.if I use the portion method…

I am out of ideas, just wish to know if its possible to separate the orders as I mention, beers to bar and pizza to kitchen? Or is there another way to do it?

The easiest solution will be printing menu orders to bar as it is. It is also useful to let them know it is a part of a menu. You can also filter out pizza tags while printing to bar. Using Order Tags as Product Modifiers tutorial shows how to exclude a specific order tag group while printing. Search for General Modifiers term to find that section.

@emre, I have done your method to great success, however, there is a problem. I can only print out to one printer at a time. Meaning which, I cant print HAPPY HOUR SET 1 to both kitchen and bar. But only to one. I am able to print to kitchen without the order tags that are for the bars and able to print to bar without the order tags meant for kitchen.

This is how my kitchen and bar printer are configured: Printing Tutorial in Detail

If you search for “Configuring Bar Items” in the article of the link, u will see my problem. I can add mappings twice, “HAPPY HOUR SET 1” to kitchen and “HAPPY HOUR SET 1” to bar. But only the mappings declared first, the one on top will be carried out. the second line will be missed.

My restaurant is opening doors soon, and this is the last problem with the POS. Thanks. Appreciate it.

You can configure separate print jobs for bar and kitchen prints and call “execute print job action” twice. Once for bar and once for kitchen.