Separating Ticket Item Between Multi Customers...HELP!

When a table has multi-customers wanting to divide the price of one item (like an appetizer), then add the divided value back to customer1, customer2 and customer3 individual bill/ticket. The individual bill/ticket will include each customers drink order, entree order and the divided value of the appetizer. How can this be done?

Select orders and click Move button.

I had already moved the order and created a new ticket. How do you add that new ticket that has been 1/N (divide between X number of customers) back to each customers individual ticket?

I see. There is no simple way to do this. The easiest solution will be creating a custom product with zero price. You can add it to each tickets and update prices manually.

Does it happen frequently?

This is very common request from customers in The United States. After reviewing our current POS Reports it showed 1 out of 5 customers request this action.

OK. To make sure I’ve got the idea I want to ask again. You are not asking for splitting a ticket. You are asking for splitting a single item between tickets. For example 3 customers wanted a bottle of $100 whiskey and you want to split this whiskey to three.

We can create $33 whiskey in each ticket but it won’t work because this will decrease inventory by three. Another solution might be splitting it to 0.33 Whiskey on each ticket but this is something weird :slight_smile: So first of all we need to find a way to distribute whiskey into tickets…

Another solution might be creating a fourth ticket for shared items. So you’ll print 4 bills. 3 of them are individual bills and the fourth one is the shared bill. We can also print how much each person will pay under this bill.

If you can help me about how it should work maybe we can find a better solution.