Separator Line Bug?


Followed this guide on how to make a separator line:

The idea is to use a separator line to define starters/mains e.g. sometimes a customer wants starters, but has also ordered a main that they want to arrive with the starter course.

Not sure if it’s a bug but once i add the separator line, any extra items added to the order after this, cause the separator line to change position. Weirdly it prints fine with the separator in the intial correct position (i.e. after crunchy brie). Have checked my actions/rules but can’t see anything obvious. Anyone else come across this? Thanks


EDIT: changed category to v5 question since it is not a bug following kendash’s reply.

You must define a key for orders to fall under that line. it will only do the first order after you add it otherwise.


Can you give an example of what a “key” actually is? E.g. are they similar to categories or are they just arbitrary?

There is an action called update group tag. In printer templates, its referred to {GROUP KEY}. Same group tag feature is used in courses and combos and other less common cases

The key can be whatever you want it to be but the idea is an order that shares the same key will fall under that line of that same key. There is also an action to update the order line separator not just ticket line. You can use that to update the key for the order.

Is the key still required if i’m not actually tagging orders as starters or mains, just putting a line of characters to divide the ticket into sections.

Perhaps my initial explanation of my work flow was not accurate. I don’t actually need to define the items or orders added or tag them to groups. I just physically need a separator printed on the ticket so the chef knows anything after the separator is to be served later. I could make a product called " ***** " to do this, however it would then also print out the price and would show on the customer bill (which is confusing)

Work flow:
Add item A
Add item B
*************** i.e.Separator
Add item C

I don’t actually need A or B to be defined as “starter” or “main”. I just need a separator (in my case a row of ******* to print after A and B, but before C).