Seperate printing

I am currently using a printer. The paper goes into the kitchen in two installments, but I can’t print the two in one print. We have a kitchen paper and aggregate prints. I would need to be able to print a kitchen paper that goes to the kitchen and one that only has pizza at the same time, all in one print. How do I set it up?

That’s a little unclear?
Two print jobs would print two tickets on same printer cut between them? That what you mean?

Yeah, kinda. But it doesn’t work for me

That doesn’t mean much or help…
You have done what and what is happening.
It works, can assure you, have multiple print jobs to same printer many times here, bar printer gets receipt, drink print, coffee order and cutlery/layup tickets all going to came printer.

I did an other print job to print two types of paper, but it prints on the same paper

Your not helping anyone understand…

Two types of paper? What printer are you using, most hospitality printers use roll paper and have single role so what are you meaning by 2 types of paper.
The more info you provide the better we can help, the vagueness is more likely to leave your topic unanswered.