Seperate Warehouse screens or Transaction Documents By User

Hello good people. I don’t know if this was asked before or not.

We have a Local warehouse ( main stores ) , Bar 1, Bar 2 and Kitchen Warehouses. The machines are networked because we want to transfer stock from local to other warehouses in real time. I have created a transaction document to transfer stock from Local to Kitchen , Local to Bar 1 etc and i have also created transaction documents to transfer between bar and kitchen. The problem is all these buttons are listed on the same screen so I don’t know if there is a way to hide Bar>Kitchen buttons for the Local>Kitchen user. We want each person to manage their warehouse and see only buttons for their warehouses.

Since the “Warehouses” Tile is simply an Automation Command that contains Mappings, you can limit Warehouse Screens to a particular Terminal, Department, User Role, and/or Ticket Type.

However, even if you do that, every Warehouse Screen will still contain all the same Inventory Document Type Buttons… there is no Mappings for those Documents, so they cannot be limited whatsoever.

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Thank you, I hope this feature can be implemented in future.