Serialize counter for Customer Report


I’m using Samba v4.1.67 and i’m trying to create a counter for the report I print every day at the end of the work period.

I followed this tutorial and looked in the forums message but i didn’t found it.,97.msg671.html#msg671

I thought it was the same as the printer template but seems not, where i am wrong?

I created the new actions and added in the customer report the following tag

Any tips or clue will welcome,

Thank you

That tutorial is from version 2 or 3, ive never seen the {ORDERNUMBER} tag in V4 or V5 so im not sure it exists, and this could be your problem

What is the counter for? you can create a counter using the update program setting action, i use this action to provide a counter for every time the till cash drawer is opened (using the open drawer/no sale button) and i have this print on the X and Z reads

if you give a bit more info about what you want the counter to do well be able to help you with some suggestions

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Hi @RickH,

Thank you to reply so fast.

At the end of everyday, I print a report with the total amount of the sells. I would like to add to this report a ticket number, different from the every ticket sale.

The program setting value should work for this… pretty sure there is a work period ended action.
Although it wouldn’t be the same as a work period/z reading number as reprinting a report would only ever show today’s number…
Also since you can report multiple work periods via the reports section how would you handle a multi day report?

There was a discussion about work period ID a while back however any solutions coming out of it would be for v5.

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Hi @JTRTech,

Thank you for your answer. Normally, at the same day we only end one time the work period, but maybe a strange situattion make end work period twice by day.

I’m not sure if I understand your question. We use to print the custom report (the one which containt the total sells) day by day, so we don’t use to print a multiday report but if I have, that report will have a ID for every day.

I looked the discussion that you mention ( Work Period Report Document ID ) and the reason is the same, we need it because our accountant request it.

So as I read in that post, there no solution till now for this request? Hope I don’t need to upgrade to V5 since I tried several times and always got problems like “check database version”

Thank you very much

For one you said your on v4.1.67!!! thats not the latest and pretty sure you would have wanted to been on latest v4 before updating which is 4.1.82

if i understand you right NO, the program setting method wouldn’t atleast not without having a program setting for each work period and then not sure it would
it would be a ilustrutive number only to ‘stamp’ each work period report.
ie reprinting yesterdays report would show todays number…

You are right, so the report will have a ID for every work period report, in case of reprinting yesterday the ID will mantain

By the way, no one have face a similiar problem?

Thank you

Yes it has been discussed, didn’t look at the post you linked to but that was not the one I meant.
Had a quick search and there was a solution in the beta discussions, emre posted this in a post on a beta release notes.

{WORKPERIOD ID}, {FIRST TICKET NO},{LAST TICKET NO} report tags implemented.

Its a v5 feature, hers a topic mentioning it;

Its also in a post of qmckay’s in the V5 feature compilation.

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You should upgrade. There are many topics on this, and it is fairly easy to do if you are already using SQL Express.

While v4 is very capable, feature-wise with v5, you are being left way, way behind. And development on v4 stopped at 4.1.82. There will be no more additions or features. I am also fairly confident that remaining bugs in v4 will also not be patched due to the low severity.

Ok, didn’t notice the new features of V5. So, there’s no option to implement in someway WORKINGPERIOD ID on v.4? Whats the limitation on trial version 5?

This is my last question about this issue. Thank you !!

It’s v5 feature only. V5 has 500 ticket unrestricted trial after that it still works but an annoying popup reminder to buy license will happen on each order added.

Thank you very much @Jesse and all you guys!! You really helped me a lot and very fast, I really apreciate it

Will upgrade so to v5 in a short time

Greetings and regards