Service calculations

i created 12% service charge on calculation selector.
when i show item sales report i see all item price + 12% service ,
can i only show item price without the 12% service ??

In your calculation type set it to Include Tax. None of the previous items will update but going forward with fresh work period it will be correct.


how i can show in print ?

and how i can remove service from some products because some of products have 12% included into price .
tho i want to do 12% for some not all

Use a calculation Selector and then you can select when to use the Service Charge manually or you need to automate it using the Update Calculation action.

in tax mapping i can select items group and item , any way i can do this with services and how i can print on ticket ?

To make it specific for only certain products you cant use calculations at all. Calculations are Ticket Wide. If you want to charge services per product then look at some of the Custom discount tutorials they show a method you can use.

ok , how i can print 12% on ticket ?

In your printer template you use {SERVICES} tag and under [SERVICES] format section you can use something like


So wherever you put {SERVICES} in your template it will show the Calculation Name, Rate and then the Total.

So on ticket it might look like

GST 12%         1.92


PS: if you decide to use the Order Tag method described in the various Custom Discount tutorials the printer tags will be different they are explained in the tutorials.

when i press on include tax i get 12% after tax , but i want it before tax :smile:

Then choose Use Plain Sum option. You still need to select Include Tax.

but that will add the calc to item sales report , price + 12% :smile:

Have you tried it? How do you know :stuck_out_tongue:

What I am saying is select both the Include Tax and Use PLain Sum option.

i did try that , that is why i tell u that

It will not fix any sales you already did… only future sales. There is no way to fix the previous sales. So to see the change you should end work period and start a new work period then look at sales for new work period.

i test on other pos , not the live one , that is y i do everything u say to me.
when i use include tax , i get report without service 12 and when i use plain sum .
item sales add 12% to price

Did you read that? You did try enabling both?

let’s say my total item = 100
12% = 1000.12 = 12
10%= 112
0.1= 11.2
total = 123.2
and that how it should work

'when i mark both i get
total item 100
12% = 1000.12=12
10% = 100
total = 122

So what is the 10%? You didnt mention that one?

10% tax by government , and collect by government on total both 12% and total items