Service Charge for Credit Prompt

I have added a 1% service charge for using Credit (Cards) and wondering if the Prompt can be removed?

Calculation Setup:


The Property Editor for Cash Rounding has a “Confirm” checkbox but this does not?

@emre can you or anybody comment on this please.

Does your Servicing Calculation require confirmation?

Did you try setting it up as a calculation and use the Add Calculation processor instead?

Not really - just that I can remove the Rounding Payment Processor for Cash as it has the option. It not a request just wondering if I have set it up incorrectly.

Pretty sure that payment processor was a basic one and its hard coded to prompt. You should probably use Add Calculation instead and setup no confirmation.

Could you drop an image to point me in the right direction :smile:
Ok have it now its the “drop down” in Payment Processors - thanks.

[EDIT] I may leave it as is but its good to know if a venue want the prompt removed I can.