Service Charge/Tip Changing Product Prices

Bit of a schoolboy question but am struggling to grasp calculation types.
Have never really used calculation types to date.
Client wants to ass a % tip/service charge.
Setup but the calculation is applied to the product prices.
Can we not ad a service charge after product price? Does that make sense?

It will be better if you can show us an example. What it does currently? What you expect it to do…

Sure, will you setting for written explanation?


1 x Fosters £3.00
Total £3.00

Adding service charge 10%;

1 x Fosters £3.30
Total £3.30

Would like it to be;

1 x Fosters £3.00
Service Charge £0.30
Total £3.30

Order list on payment screen reflects all calculations to orders so you can settle ticket by choosing products.

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And then it prints the normal price on receipt, showing service charge seperatly. :wink: nice one got it :slight_smile: