Service State: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Simple Setup of Service Times and Tracking for Reporting

:warning: I set this up while on a future V5 release however I verified the process is exactly the same on 4.1.82 due to the clarity the dark theme has in the screenshots I kept this tutorial on V5.

:exclamation: This is a simple method to track service times for example: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner automatically for reporting reasons or promotions.

Create an Update Ticket Tag action:

Update Ticket Tag action
Tag Name: [:Tag Name]
Tag Value: [:Tag Value]

Create Your Rules to handle the Action:

I used three rules for Breakfast,Lunch, and Dinner the rules are all setup the same the difference is the {Time} constraint to designate what time you want this tag. Also you would set appropriate Tag Value for the service aka Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

Ticket Created rule
Tag Name: Service
Tag Value: Your Service EXAMPLE: Breakfast

Rule Constraint:

{TIME} After <hh:mm>
{TIME} Before <hh:mm>

Set this constraint for the hours you want this service for example I set Breakfast to run between 08:00 am and 11:00am

Here is how Lunch and Dinner would look:

Here is an example of a report that uses this:
This report shows what % of sales happened during each specific Service.


I loved it but is it in built report feature or custom ?

The time custom constraint is available only in V5? Sorry for the question as I have not followed the latest dev lately

This can all be done in v4. The report is custom.

With version 5 all reports are custom reports with the old default reports built as custom reports. You will notice we can now control which reports show on left where old default reports used to be.

I did not post the report syntax because I used some v5 only functions. But this report can be built in v4 as well.

and where can I download the V5 for testing?

Its private invites right now but the release will not be too far off.