Set Active Ticket Type action

Set Active Ticket Type It seems this action does absolutely nothing now. I have tried every way I know to get this action to work and it just will not work.

@VehbiEmiroglu can you look at this?

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I remember struggling with this action more than 2 years ago when i had to go through hoops to make my config work properly at that time.

AFAIK Set Active Ticket Type has never worked properly.
It would help to use a proper bug tracking system to make sure these things don’t sit around for years!

see posts reporting it in May 2017:

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I agree it is hard for me to remember a time it ever worked properly. I instead, like others, use Change Ticket Properties to change the ticket type after a ticket is already created. This works great but It would be nice if Set Active Ticket type worked for specific scenarios where you may want to set the ticket type BEFORE you create an actual ticket.

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I made a simple action and changed ticket type with this action. Please describe me more, what do you want to do, and how do you want to do that.


What event did you use? Everytime I have tried to use it, it never works.

You must use this in an active ticket. I put this action in ticket closing rule. And it changed the ticket type of active ticket.

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Thank you. That’s valuable information. Now we can use that function!
I just wish someone mentioned that years ago!

Now it makes sense what Emre meant by “Active” in the name “Set Active Ticket Type”. I think most people assumed it meant “make that the active type to use when creating tickets”, but it doesn’t mean that.

We need a list of Actions and Parameters which are valid for each phase of Ticket Closing. Actually, I suggest making a list of valid contexts for all Actions and Rule Parameters.


That’s interesting because it goes against how Emre suggested we use it. I’ll have to find the post but he suggested using it along a navigate action.