Set an Hourly Rate

Hi there! First time user and I love what I’m seeing.

I’m trying to replace a pool hall management software with SambaPOS. We have retail items and a cafe as well as several bars in the facility. I’m almost certain that all of that can be covered under SambaPOS.

What I am not certain of, and perhaps its just not enough use, is setting up rates for tables. See, we do not have tables in a cafe or diner like most people would use this software for. We have pool tables. Which is essentially the same thing. People will run tabs on our pool tables and then split the bill in the end. Or, its just one person on a table.

The part I’d like to know how to setup is an hourly rate. I was thinking an action/trigger but I’m not sure. When someone plays pool we bill them per minute (totaling about $5/hour) to shoot pool on that table. Is there a way to put a “Standard” rate as an inventory item and have it charge per minute? So, for example, a person is put on a table and we apply the Standard Rate. They play for 30 minutes and once we stop the timer it says they owe $2.50. Would love to start and stop the timer if possible.

Look at product timers :wink:

Holy cow! That is awesome!

Will be back with more questions later. This is slick.

How do I easily get the timer to stop? I did it once and I am not sure how. (LOL)

I click at it and it doesn’t do anything.

E: Nevermind. I got ancy and excited.

? so sorted or not? from what i remember selecting a product timer shows the option to stop.

It took me a minute to figure it out.

You start the timer and have to close the ticket (not totally like cashing out just from view). Then, go back into the ticket and you can stop the time.

Yeah, I got this one. Thanks!