Set image on button

Is there a way to add a image to a automation command button?.. So for the Settle button to add a cash icon to the button when your in the ticket?

Yep for the header instead of typing “cash” put the file location of your image using the < img > tags

ahhh perfect thanks!

Does anyone know what the standard size is of the Buttons? So i can adjust the image to make it look better?

There isnt it all depends on size of screen and shale of buttons, i had all mine square so i did my images 500x500 pixels and they resized fine and fit perfect but i know that didnt work for someone else

Trial and error, just make sure images are same shape as button

Is there a way to add text as well with the image? i tried to add the word payment with the cash image but the text is so tiny you cant see it haha

Gotta put the text in the image for it to look right

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Dont think there is on auto command button, you can on products in property editor by selecting image and text from the drop down box

What’s the full syntax for the tag in specifying the image?

Say my image is at C:\SambaPOSButtons\ButtonA.jpg

Got it to work in this format without any space:

< img>file://C:\SambaPOSButtons\ButtonA.jpg< /img>

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You dont even need the file bit a the beginning just start it with C:

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